How I loathe Microsoft and thank you Time Machine

Today I had one of those prime examples of why I use Apple products over Microsoft for most of my needs.

I use Office 2013 within a Windows7 virtual machine. The Office 2013 showed there were updates. During the process of updating it failed. The Microsoft website listed resolution steps were to try an online repair of the product. Oh dear.

This online repair also failed and in doing so removed all usable aspects of office. Subsequent attempts to repair Office 2013 failed with error messages like 255-13 and 255-16 which basically equates to “Oh well, never mind, try this repair process again…”. The very process that has just failed.

It was at this point that I gave up and shut down the VM and dived into Time Machine on the MacBook to go to yesterdays backup of the VM and restore it. Some 40 minutes later the VM was back in a pristine state with Office 2013 fully working and no data lost. Hooray!

I will be studiously avoiding updates to Office 2013 for some time. “What’s not broken does not need fixing”