“We’ve always done it this way…”

Words to be truly frightened of. Words that confirm the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality that leads to stagnation, over-extending the capability, and to fighting the fire of what results from your IT under-investment.

Cloud Computing (Cloud Services, Cloud IaaS, <add your chosen Cloud phrase here>) is not a panacea for all and every IT woe. Cloud, when properly implemented and implemented for the right reasons, brings measurable reward and return on investment and leads to a better way to do things.

Adopting Cloud requires that you re-visit the way you currently do things, even if they work perfectly well right now, considering both service and process aspects, and to look at the potential benefits a soundly investigated Cloud service can bring you.

If the “we’ve always done it this way” brigade were allowed to rule in the majority then we would have no Cars [“No man can survive moving faster than 20 miles per hour!”], Air travel [“If man were meant to fly he would have wings!”], Space travel [“What’s wrong with our planet anyway!”], Health Care [“The black death only killed off 60% of the population!”], Computing [“No one will ever need more than 64K of RAM!”] etc., and we’d probably still be sitting around a bundle of burning sticks wondering if the mammoth leg might taste better and be more digestible if it were roasted.

In un-related news it’s been a very nice sunny day.