Having considered the Right Cloud for the Right Reasons (see the earlier post in this blog) and having weighed up the short-, mid- and long-term business needs of your organisation and reviewed all the business process change that is going to be needed you are still faced with the fact that One Cloud (cloud offering/service/function) will not meet all your needs.

Cloud when addressed from the Business needs down, as opposed to the IT and technology drivers upwards, we realise that all applications are not created equal and work in sometimes completely different ways. There will be a number of things to consider for any application stack or service:

  • Performance needs including scale-up and scale-down,
  • Interdependencies with other services,
  • Support in cloud/virtualised environments,
  • Compliance and Regulatory requirements,
  • Governance and Risk controls,
  • Security and Data encryption/obfuscation needs.

That list is not exhaustive but thinking about each service or application and its needs in each of the above areas will drive you to select cloud services that meet the application profile. Remember that one of the main objectives for many customers is to deliver business agility in the most cost effective way.

There are many situations that will direct your cloud choice whether that be to use on- or off-premise cloud, to use a cloud that provides the maximum scalability with minimal cost, or a cloud that meets the regulatory mandates whilst demonstrating compliance to regulatory bodies.

Anyone considering cloud services, either for new projects or as a more cost effective replacement for current infrastructure services that are reaching end-of-life, needs support in analysing these different requirements and undertaking a Cloud Readiness Assessment from a suitable independent technology services company should be the first place to start.