The answer for me is going to be no.

“No to what?” I hear you cry? No to the new iPad (or iPad 4).

I bought my iPad by pre-order on the day it was released. I waited patiently through two generations of iPad before parting with my cash. The iPad 3 (or new iPad, but not so new now) was a big step up. Faster with the retina display etc. I was still on an iPhone 3Gs at the time and the iPad felt like rocket speed compared to the slothful scooter speed of the 3Gs.

What has Apple done for iPad 4? Added a better processor (one enhanced a bit from the iPhone 5) and added a lightning connector. The front facing camera is now HD.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Being an apple user as opposed to an apple fan-boy means that I do not need to upgrade for these minor differences. My iPad works fine. If I chose to upgrade then the current trade in costs mean I would have lost £200 of value since I bought it in these last 6 months. It’s just not worth it.

The iPad mini does look tempting though…. [Nah, not going to happen either…]