“CloudThink – To think correctly about cloud and cloud issues.”

I’ve been discussing cloud with various people over the last few days and I’ve come to the realisation that people think about cloud in the wrong way. [“ungoodcloudthinkers”]

Most people tend to think first about the technology involved with cloud. If one is to correctly sell the cloud proposition [“cloudthinkwise”] then you must consider the “why?” first. Cloud is there to solve a business problem or be a possible solution to various business questions:

  • What business problem do I have that I’d like to fix? IT inflexibility, slow to implement new applications, reduce datacentre utilisation, reduce costs.
  • How can I be more efficient with my IT spend, utilisation and management?
  • How can I grow quickly to meet new business demands?

“Cloudthinking” addresses these questions first as understanding the answers provides the drivers to sufficiently support the change and transformation to cloud. Cloud and cloud implementations, for the existing customer, are a change to the status quo. If done for the right reasons the benefits are measureable and consistent and CxO levels can see tangible results. Cloud for the new customer, with no DC to put servers and applications in, should be a first consideration.

Once the why is considered, understood and agreed then it is time to consider the technology or type of cloud that will deliver these business needs in the best way; the options are numerous:

  • Private Cloud (in customer DC).
  • Hosted-Private Cloud (in a vendor DC).
  • Public Cloud (in a cloud provider’s DC, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the leaders here).
  • Virtual Private Cloud (a customer dedicated chunk of a cloud provider’s Public Cloud infrastructure).
  • Hybrid Cloud (any mix of the above).
  • IaaS (Infrastructure¬†as a Service which is typically the above).
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service which is IaaS with additional application stacks added).
  • SaaS (Software as a Service which is just access to the software functionality without the ownership and maintenance of the HW or SW, eg. SalesForce.com).
  • BPaaS (Business Process as a service HR, ERP, CRM etc.).
  • WaaS (Workplace as a Service. A new way of thinking about desktop services).

With all these cloud options to choose from, with all their implications of how, what and why, selecting the right choice needs “goodcloudthinking”. My job is to work “cloudthinkful” with our customers and help them develop “cloudthinkwise” towards their business.